Abstract Division

I love film. I love pushing it, and scratching it, and mucking it up. It is real. Emulsion. A reaction to light. Elements from the earth. I have been at this for nearly fifteen years. Digital is what I use for business clients who want a clean, precise look. Film is the polar opposite, certainly in the way I use it. There is no reason not to keep both options open when creating materials to market your business. The need for originality is critical. With digital, by in large, you are limited to one certain Nikon or Canon body, and a finite array of lenses. Many are new to the game, and do not realize the critical importance of lenses. A camera is a box. They all do the same thing. The lens is where special things happen, or derivative forgettable work is produced. My approach is to keep all options open. To focus on the emotional response to a photograph. To make sure a client will remember you though the work we produce together. That is what matters most to me. The work below is all 35mm and medium format black and white film. If you see anomalies, they are generated by organic elements or manipulation of chemical formulas to generate a particular look. I do not use filters in Photoshop. You have your own deep passion, and photography is mine. Let’s work together to generate materials that are true to you and your vision.